closeup of mysterious woman in black looking in the mirror, while her reflection is looking back and wearing a black mask mysterious woman in black looking in the mirror, while her reflection is looking back and wearing a black mask Erotic stories for women

Your Journey Awaits

Captivating and Erotic Stories for Women

A provocative series of erotic adventures, delivered in bite-sized bits of pleasure, perfect for a night at home or as an appetizer to get things started.

woman in a fancy dress, wearing a mask and looking at herself in a mirror woman in a fancy dress, wearing a mask and looking at herself in a mirror

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Empowered, Confident, Seductive

Get a taste of what could become the most exciting journey you will ever undertake, through a story of sexual awakening brought about in a most unusual way.

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Introducing Lady Victoria

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Experience a most extraordinary, erotic journey through the eyes of our empowered Victoria, as she manages life alongside her desires.

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“Fun, smart, and slightly rebellious, Victoria sounds like a character you can believe in and get behind, making the story all the better.” Alice Broster, Bustle UK

“Lady Victoria Howard, whose past heartbreak has led her to a sexual awakening that allows her to explore her sensuality and live her life to the fullest.” Alana Joli Abbott, Den of Geek US

“For any female who enjoys indulging in a little bit of erotica on the discrete, LVH is your new fantasy dream come true.” Elizabeth Hazard, Provokr

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