closeup of mysterious woman in black looking in the mirror, while her reflection is looking back and wearing a black mask mysterious woman in black looking in the mirror, while her reflection is looking back and wearing a black mask Erotic stories for women

Mirror Hours
A Time Travel Romance

In 4 Seasons and 52 Episodes
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Lady Victoria is 34 and already a widow. She’s nervous about dating again…until she discovers she has a supernatural gift that opens up a world of adventures Tinder users can only dream about!
Mirror Hours is a Lady Victoria Howard adult romance series for women, combining passion and history to create truly unforgettable encounters.

“Fun, smart, and slightly rebellious, Victoria sounds like a character you can believe in and get behind, making the story all the better." Alice Broster, Bustle UK review-1

“For any female who enjoys indulging in a little bit of erotica on the discrete, LVH is your new fantasy dream come true." Elizabeth Hazard, Provokr review-2

Fun, smart, and slightly rebellious, Victoria sounds like a character you can believe in and get behind, making the story all the better.” Alice Broster, Bustle UK review-3

“Lady Victoria Howard, whose past heartbreak has led her to a sexual awakening that allows her to explore her sensuality and live her life to the fullest.” Alana Joli Abbott, Den of Geek US review-4

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If you want to know more about our adult romance series, this is where we endeavour to answer readers’ most frequently asked questions. If you dont see your question below, please feel free to contact our team who will do their best to provide you with helpful feedback.

It is a romantic story that has more sexual content than the average romance novel. The genre is also sometimes called Romantica’, a term derived from romance’ + ‘erotica, meaning a romantic story with more explicit scenes. And that is Lady Victoria’s story in a nutshell.

You can read all 13 episodes of Season 1 for FREE, and you will find extracts from Seasons 2,3 & 4 at the Victoria's Story tab.

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Of course! While you remain a subscriber, you can reread all episodes that have been delivered to you as many times as you wish. Whats more, it’s easy to quickly go back and find the exact same spot in any episode - you know, that bit that you will definitely want to re-read over and over again! - you can highlight and save as many extracts from an episode as you want. Clicking on any of your saved text will take you straight back to the heat of the moment, so to speak.

Season 1 is Free. Seasons 2, 3 & 4 cost 5.99 each, or only 14.97 when you buy all three together.

All you will see is a payment to The LVH Group Ltd. Discretion is our middle name.

Your season pass will renew automatically, but you can cancel at any time, as long as its up to 48 hours before the due date of your next instalment. To process the cancellation, simply go to the Billing section of the members’ area and follow the instructions. Obviously we would be sad to see you leave the LVH story and would be grateful if we could follow up with you about your reasons for leaving. Your thoughts and feedback will definitely help us to improve the LVH experience for all of our members.

Yes, you most certainly can indeed Lady Victoria Howard makes a perfect gift, the story is an easy and affordable solution for birthdays, Christmas and Valentines Day. All you have to do is go to the ‘Gift tab and fill in the details. You will need your friends email address, your email address and your own credit or debit card details.

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For sure! Whether they are real or just fantasy, we would love to know what adventures or real life experiences you would like Lady Victoria and her friends to be involved in. Feel free to send us your recommendations by email, chat or on social media, but please take care not to post any spoilers publicly. Everyone is reading Victorias story at their own pace, so don’t spoil the excitement and anticipation for your fellow readers!