Demand for LVH adult romance subscription service increases during Covid-19 lockdown

It’s been a busy couple of months for our editor-in-chief Eleanor McKenzie at adult romance subscription service Lady Victoria Howard. Unlike some businesses currently dealing with a downturn related to the global pandemic, LVH has experienced both an increase in subscriptions, an uptick of 200% in website traffic, and a demand for advice from our popular author in residence.

Right across the world, digital and print publications have been searching for interesting ideas to feature during the lockdown. With people requiring even more entertaining distractions than usual, magazines and newspapers are looking to provide readers with news and services that will literally lighten up their lives. LVH, as a new and innovative adult romance web app, is the perfect product for these times, so no surprise that lifestyle sections of popular publications have made contact to find out more.

The subsequent press articles and interesting media buzz have spread the word even further and LVH has since welcomed many new readers onboard. It’s been satisfying to see that the story of Lady Victoria Howard is being received as an ideal diversion from all present worries. And whilst the exciting adventures of our heroine are captivating new users of this innovative web app, LVH’s author and editor is also making a helpful contribution to these positive vibes.

Publications have also been in touch to tap Eleanor’s extensive knowledge as a sex and relationship expert. As the writer of three books on the Kama Sutra for the modern era, and video scripts on a range of sex-related issues, she has a reputation for delivering the best advice on love, life and lust. Subjects tackled in recent weeks have included ‘female sexuality and the orgasm gap’, and ‘how to get what you want in bed’.

The following articles are a showcase of LVH news and our Editor’s helpful thoughts during April and May.

LVH proves big down under! Australian national press covers LVH adult romance web app.

LVH has featured in several mainstream publications in Australia recently but was particularly helpful in a Daily Telegraph article about sex and awkward conversations!

INSIDER Magazine features LVH & sexual empowerment.

LVH Editor Eleanor McKenzie speaks to lifestyle magazine INSIDER about female sexuality and the orgasm gap.

The Pick Me Up we all need!

Favourite ladies magazine PMU ran the double page spread article ‘Breaking Taboos’ in April with insight from Eleanor on the subject of women and pornography. Pick up your print version at your local newsstand when you can!

LVH features in best online subscribers list!

Enternating online lifestyle blog Squibb Vicious featured LVH adult romance web app and our free magazine within a list of the current best online subscription services.

Finally! Look out for forthcoming news on developments to the LVH web app and subscription service, including a Spanish version  ….. Coming soon!


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