Eat out to help out: 7 tips for better oral sex

If you call the UK your home, then you’ll have probably heard the phrase ‘eat out to help out’ being bandied around recently. No, we’ve not suddenly taken a U-turn on our normally prudish British nature; it’s actually a phrase from the good ol’ government to encourage us all to eat at more restaurants to help the economy recover from the impact of lockdown.
Naturally, of course, social media exploded with laughter over the choice of the phrase. Who on earth approved that?

If you’ve no idea what we’re talking about: ‘eat out’ is a commonly used connotation relating to cunnilingus – oral sex on a vagina. So let us say one more time; who on earth approved that?
Fortunately, it allows us to segue into a fantastic topic. So if you’re looking to take heed of the latest government advice and up your oral game, then read on for seven tips for (much) better oral sex.

1. Take your time

Vagina-owners often take longer than penis-owners to reach orgasm, that’s just the way vaginas are built. Contrary to what porn would show you, women don’t just come on demand the second a penis enters the room. In fact, the majority of vagina-owners don’t orgasm from your more typical P in V sex. Usually it takes external clitoral stimulation to get there, but it also needs you to be in the right frame of mind and requires some degree of patience. So, make sure you’ve got the time in front of you, and avoid any disturbances that might distract you from the moment in hand.
Did you know there are 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris? That’s a hell of a lot of pleasure power packed into one small space, so when we say take your time, don’t be afraid to really explore the area. Tease the inner thighs and all around the vagina itself before making your way to the magic button.

2.Try different positions

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with lying on your back while someone puts their head between your legs, why not mix it up a little and see what it does for you? You could kneel on all fours while your partner comes at you from behind, or they could lie underneath you while you sit on their face. Or you could rest on the edge of a couch or bed for some amazing power-play vibes. These positions are a fantasy for many people so why not give them a go? You may find that one hits a totally different spot.

3. Get your fingers involved

There’s a whole load of magic in those fingers, so why not put them to good use? Depending on which way your partner is lying – let’s assume they’re on their back for the purposes of this point – slide two fingers in with your palm facing up. Then bend your fingers towards you in a ‘come hither’ motion. If you’re lucky, you should feel a round walnut-like mound. Congrats! You’ve just found the elusive G-spot. Gently massage and stimulate this, coupled with your mouth, and you’ll be driving your partner wild.

4. Different strokes

It ain’t an ice cream, so don’t treat it that way. Unless your partner likes that, of course. There are so many ways to get your tongue involved, and each “technique” will give them new sensations. Let’s go over a few different strokes to try… 

– Circles – This one’s easy. Move your tongue around in a gentle circle, varying the speed and pressure

– Up and down – Use the very tip of your tongue to (gently) flick the clitoris up and down. Alternate between these quick flicks and longer laps with varying pressure

Side to side – You know what we’re talking about now; move your tongue horizontally instead of up and down
It’s not rocket science.

5. Ask

Shock horror, right? If you’re not sure what your partner is going to like, why not ask them? Chances are they already have a pretty good idea of what’s going to get them there and it’s in their best interests to help you out. We can list out all the tips and techniques from across the world, but ultimately, every vulva you encounter is different, and there’s nothing better than hearing what’s going to work straight from their own mouth. Knowledge is power, after all.

6. Watch and learn

Every person and every clitoris is unique, so different things are going to give them pleasure. Take your cues from the person that clitoris belongs to and watch for their reactions. Take note of their body movements, their reactions and their voice or moans. If you notice their reactions have slowed or quietened, do something different. On the other hand, if something you’re doing seems to provoke an enthusiastic response, for goodness sake, do some more of it!

7. Get toys involved

There’s absolutely no shame in bringing in a helping hand every now and then. Your goal is to give your partner as much pleasure as possible, so leave your ego at the door. Try using a bullet – the vibrations will provide a whole new sensation compared to your tongue, or use them both at the same time for a killer combo. Or why not try using a dildo as you work on the outside to take things to a whole other level.
Whether performed as its own main event or used as foreplay, it’s always good to bring your A-game when it comes to oral sex. Aim for nothing less than the best oral to keep your partner satisfied, trust us.

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