From Twilight to LVH: the next step for fans of Paranormal Romance

Where can you turn when you realise the days and nights of Bella Swan are now years behind you?

When your craving for romance and the supernatural still burns strong, but you know you want to be reading something where the storyline is more adult than within the pages of the beloved vampire Saga, where do you look?

New Adult Romance novels are generally the next port of call as their readership age falls between 18 to 30 years old. This is the demographic that might have left high school recently, or some time in the last 10 years. They are grown up, but chances are they haven’t experienced everything life has to offer – if you know what we mean.

When they’re on the lookout for a genre that’s more fulfilling, then New Adult Romance can really hit the spot. It’s exciting, it’s absorbing, and it can provide an incredible escape into a fantasy world filled with lust, and adventure.

New Adult Romance has several strong themes and storylines that define the category. There are a lot of firsts: first real love, first unexpected sexual encounter, first loss, first important job. They don’t shy away from extremely difficult subjects and will often feature stories around violent relationships, drug abuse and sexual assault.

Books falling into the Young Adult category like the Twilight series are aimed at the 12 to 18 year demographic. Although often steeped in meaningful romance and burning youthful loins, the genre rarely embraces explicit sex. Sexual encounters are more often implied rather than set out in detail on the page, leaving much to the reader’s imagination.

So for individuals needing to move beyond a breathless feeling and giddy kisses it’s a natural step to pick up a New Adult Romance novel. The more grown up genre will tackle the subject of sex from many different angles, and can veer from sweet passionate intercourse to categorically filthy sex. Like their older book sibling Adult Romance, New Adult romance likes to place the sexy business almost centre stage, but only if the sex is part of a really good story.

And that’s where LVH and Mirror Hours comes in.

Mirror Hours is the perfect digital novel for someone searching for that next step. The reader can pick up, devour and get utterly lost within its exciting storyline. It’s also a tale of real sexual awakening with a supernatural twist that will fascinate people stepping away from Young Adult books, but not quite yet enthused about picking up Fifty Shades of Grey.

Mirror Hours is a paranormal romance and the story of Lady Victoria Howard, who despite a grand aristocratic title, is a normal young woman with the same every day trials to face and hard life lessons to overcome. She’s also a lady who inherits the incredible gift of time travel. Victoria’s mystical adventures collide with an unexpected desire to explore her own sexuality, and these two factors help create a mesmerising and thrilling story that delights both in real life and when she travels through time.

Of course there’s an army of readers who will forever hold Edward Cullen close to their breathless hearts. His and Bella’s ardent love story can be enjoyable for readers of all ages because it’s a well written atmospheric tale that involves vampires – not real – and the hardships of moving to a new town – definitely real. And this is why lovers of the Twilight series will also enjoy Mirror Hours; it involves interesting characters dealing with normal issues and heartbreak, but the story is interwoven with fascinating magical events, and sexually thrilling encounters.

Why don’t you dip a toe in the water? Read Book 1 of Mirror Hours for FREE and discover the amazing adventures of Lady Victoria Howard.

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