How to find a unicorn

  • October 06, 2020
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The Jonas Brothers. The wise men. Packets of condoms. Idris Elba in a three piece suit. Don’t they say that the best things normally come in threes? Wherever you look in the world, it seems that three is the magic number. And the bedroom is no exception. Did you know that a threesome is one of the top fantasies out there, with 89% of people in a 2018 study saying that this sexual scenario occupies their mind the most? And it’s both men and women that fancy entwining with a third, believe it or not. Threesomes come in four forms (if we’re going by binary gender rules): MMF (male, male, female), MFF (male, female, female), MMM (male, male, male) and FFF (female, female, female). But who is the mystery third who joins the couple? Well, they’re often compared to the elusive unicorn.

So, what is a unicorn?

In this particular context, a unicorn is the third person in a threesome. Usually a woman - although not always - this person will often (but again, not always) join an existing couple to complete the menage a trois.

And what are unicorn hunters?

On the other side of the bedroom, you have what is known as ‘unicorn hunters’. This is the couple that is looking for a third person to join them in their rendezvous.

How to find a unicorn

Now you know exactly what it is you’re looking for, how do you go about netting a unicorn for your sexcapades? We’re not going to lie there’s a few logistics involved, but that’s no reason not to set up a threesome, especially if it’s something on your sex bucket list! Read on to discover what LVH has to say about turning ultimate fantasy into a complete reality.

1. Talk things through

Before you hop into bed with someone new, you need to talk everything through with your partner. And we mean everything. If you don’t then it’s a recipe for disaster. What are your limits? What goes on your no-no list? These are otherwise known as hard limits and outline what both you and your partner feel comfortable with. It could be… You’re not allowed to kiss the new person Everything but P in V sex is permitted Will you cuddle afterwards? Are you allowed to spend the night together? Will you cut all contact with the unicorn afterwards? This communication pre-threesome is designed to help quash any feelings of jealousy. In a situation like this, jealousy is bound to appear at some point and you both need to be prepared when it does. But ultimately, are you secure enough in your relationship to communicate with your partner when something is bothering you? If not, a threesome may not be the best thing for you.

2. Talk about your fantasies

If you decide that you are able to go ahead with your new fantasy, then amazing! Now it’s time to start thinking about what it is you’ve been dreaming about… What kind of scenes do you fantasise about? Will you all play together? Or will two of you play while the third watches? What do you want to get up to as a trio?

3. Take to the internet

While some people will meet their unicorn in person - perhaps it’s a mutual friend who’s up for a little fun - the majority will use the internet. Shocker, right? So although unicorns aren’t always easy to find, the internet is where they tend to congregate. The app ‘Feeld’ (formally known as 3nder) is a relative treasure trove for couples who are “kinky, curious and open minded”. It’s the perfect place to find your third. If that sounds like you, then head over and get a profile set up. Other places you might net yourself a unicorn are OKCupid and FetLife.

4. Sell yourself

Unicorn hunting isn’t just about shopping around for your perfect third, it’s also about selling yourself to your unicorn. They have to want to be with you too. So when you’re building your online profile, remember to put forward the best version of yourself. What the couple gets from a threesome is obvious, but what does the unicorn get by joining you? Prioritise making a good impression, making them feel safe, showing that they’ll have a good time, and that you’re going to treat them right.

5. Think about their pleasure

Again, it’s not just about you and your partner. Some people go into a threesome thinking that the unicorn is only there to take care of the couple’s needs, pleasures and fantasies. No way. If your unicorn has given you rules, you need to respect them. Don’t try and push them into something they’re not comfortable in. Seduce them, compliment then, make them feel special. And of course, give them an orgasm or two. And make sure you thank them afterwards; they’ve made your fantasy come true, after all! Overall, communication is key. Whether you’re hoping to become a unicorn yourself or are a pair of unicorn hunters searching for that special third, you have to be honest and communicate your desires. If you do so, you’ll likely have the hottest night of your life.

Happy hunting.


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