Is Adult Romance just erotica? There’s so much more to the grown up book genre

Inquisitive friends and avid readers in my social circle often ask me questions about LVH and what genre this digital series falls into. “What type of stories are they?” they always want to know. “Adult romance”, I reply. “Ahh, erotica...” is the normal murmured response.

Well, not exactly, no. Close and also extremely sexy, yes, but in truth the literary style of adult romance brings something more to the table than both erotica and the genre of erotic romance.

Erotica itself encompasses a great deal more than simply literary stories. Erotica is a genre of artistic work covering paintings, drawings, photography, sculpting and other forms, all pieces of art that elicit feelings of excitement and sexuality. These artworks don’t actually need to include explicit sexual imagery, but they may, and often will, convey an erotic charge to the viewer.

However, it is interesting that when erotica merges with the written word it is always expected, and is mostly often the case, that wanton sex will not only be the focal point of the story, but also the sub plots and the background noise too.

Adult romance though, is not just sex, sex and more sex for just sex’s sake. It’s so much more than just wild, furious abandoned sex with strangers - although it certainly does involve a great deal of that, too! But the sexual encounters in these novels shouldn’t detract from a great story, intricate plotlines and engaging characters, as they will be a large exciting part of every adventure.

The genre also moves beyond the more gentle genre of erotic romance, which often centres on just one relationship, following the affair to a happy conclusion.

Expert author in the field of erotic romance Vivi Anna explains, “An erotic romance, is a romance first, and a sexual journey second. The romance is the cake, and the sex is the delicious chocolate icing that is spread across it. The sex scenes just show another part of the characters’ blossoming relationship.”

Within the pages of an adult romance, love will often reign supreme and these books are likely to contain several different kinds of romantic relationships, but there is also sex, and plenty of it. At its core it is emphatically about grown-up relationships and it’s also about real normal human emotions and feelings.

Is everything rosy in the AR genre garden? Hell no! Do the characters ever feel shame? Sure if it’s warranted, and perhaps sometimes even when it’s not. These books might often be set in a fantastical world but they also deal with normal people and everyday experiences both good and bad.

Adult romance is the grown-up literary genre that is more than romance, more than just sex, and certainly more than the average story of an empty relationship.

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