It’s May: Let’s celebrate and masturbate with Good Vibrations

What’s your favourite day of the year? Have you got an annual event that stimulates both your brain and body and brings out feelings of pure excitement? The 28th of May is practically Christmas Day at LVH. Oh yes! Christmas Day, Valentines Day and everyone’s birthday all rolled into one - as today is officially International Masturbation Day.

May is International Masturbation Month and the 28th day is the pinnacle of the activities and celebrations that surround the groundbreaking initiative created by Good Vibrations in 1995. Earlier that year, the then US Surgeon General, Dr. Joycelyn Elders was posed a question at the United Nations World AIDS Day, in relation to the potential of masturbation discouraging sexual activity in school children. Dr. Elders had replied, “I think it is something that is part of human sexuality and a part of something that perhaps should be taught.”

The response from the US government astounded Good Vibrations, although was perhaps not unexpected, as the eminent and outspoken physician subsequently lost her job and she was forced to resign her post by President Bill Clinton.

At the time, Clinton noted that Elder’s opinions reflected “differences with administration policy and my own convictions, and have made it necessary for her to tender her resignation.” It seems the once popular leader of the free world didn’t want young people to feel so free and liberated as he himself later appeared to be.

The good people at Good Vibrations were somewhat shocked by these events and made a commitment to raise awareness around the subject and encourage people to talk about self love and sexual awareness. Thus the ambition to set up International Masturbation Month was conceived and over many years the project has created opportunities to discuss a subject often seen as taboo, especially amongst girls. It’s been invaluable, but it's still needed today as much as ever.

In a recent feature on female sexuality for INSIDER online, LVH editor-in-chief Eleanor McKenzie offered real insight into how the topic, which should be just a natural sexual exploration for adolescents, is still complete anathema for many when it comes to females.

"In my opinion one particular thing is standing in the way of progress: there is a wide acceptance that teenage boys wank prolifically," she said. "It's treated as a joke, but it's accepted. Teenage girls by contrast are discouraged, both actively and subconsciously, from exploring masturbation and therefore learning about what gives them an orgasm."

As an experienced sex and relationship expert Eleanor has seen the conversation change very little since the 1970s, and believes there is still a great deal of talking to be done around women and orgasms in general.

As a 31 day festival of all things related to onanism, International Masturbation Month continues to fight the cause, and is now celebrated enthusiastically, supported by organisations and businesses that want to keep building on this important conversation. Fun sex toy retailer Emojibator is leading the way with a special one month website dedicated to 31 Days of Self Love that features exclusive news, stories and advice on practicing masturbation in all of its glorious forms. Believe us, there are many more than you realised!

As the team at Good Vibrations like to highlight, masturbation is safe, healthy, free, pleasurable and it helps people get to know their bodies and their sexual responses. “Of all the kinds of sex people can have, masturbation is the most universal and important”. So let’s all get talking and continue changing the status quo for everyone; it’s not just the boys that need to learn and enjoy some extra fun!

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