Long-term relationships under lockdown

Living in lockdown with a lover ain’t all bad. But unfortunately life isn’t a romance novel. Being isolated together can put any relationship under strain, so how can you weather the storm? How do you keep the love and lust alive under a mandatory, country-wide shutdown? Here’s a few LVH rules.

Make time for each other

The number one piece of advice for couples in long term relationships is to always carve out important chunks of time for one another. When you’re trying to carry on as normal during a crisis, it’s easy for things like date night to take a back seat. If you’re juggling working from home with caring for little ones, and now even attempting to homeschool (teachers deserve to be paid much more, by the way), something’s gotta give. And that something is usually your relationship. The last thing you want is to come out the other side of this with a weakened relationship, or even feeling resentful towards one another. Carve out time every day to spend together, just the two of you. With no kids, no chores, and no responsibilities. Even if it’s just an hour cuddling and watching Netflix, playing video games, or even having sex. Not only do you deserve this time together, you need it.

More importantly, make time for yourself

Spending all your time together may sound great in theory, but in reality it’s actually quite difficult. To make sure you don’t destroy each other’s last nerves, you’re going to need some moments entirely to yourself, doing something alone that you enjoy. It doesn’t have to be long and it doesn’t have to be much. It could be reading a chapter of the book you’re working on, sitting out in the garden, or cooking your favourite dish. As they say, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Embrace your weird side

Spending this much time with one another, you’re bound to discover things you previously didn’t know about your other half. Some of them may even be a little odd. But let’s face it, nothing about life is normal right now, so why not embrace the weird and wonderful? Inject a little kooky sexiness into your everyday tasks around the house. Why not clean together naked? If you have already tied the knot, why not have a date night dressed up in your wedding clothes? Explore a bit of role play depending entirely on your interests: superheroes, Game of Thrones, or pretend you’ve never met as you lock eyes across a bar. Ok, on top of your kitchen table - but with everything tidied away for once.

Get a new (sexy) hobby

We’ve all been advised to take up something new during the lockdown. For some people it’s working on our fitness, perfecting baking skills or even taking up crocheting. But for us, we’d prefer something a little more… risqué. Take up art - You can buy kits on Amazon where you lay out a canvas, apply some paint and, well, you have sex on it. Intimacy art leaves you with a unique painting to remind you of a special moment you shared. So cover up the carpet, strip down and have fun! Take up sculpting - Head over to your favourite online adult store and you’ll be able to find silicone moulding kits that allow you to easily create an exact replica of your partner’s penis or vagina. Yes that’s right, your very own DIY sex toy! Take up writing - We’re big lovers of erotica here at Victoria Howard, so in between enjoying new chapters of Victoria’s adventure, why not try writing your own? These could be based on real experiences you’ve had with your partner, or a secret fantasy you’ve both been dying to try. Take up film making - Feel up for some thrill seeking? Why not set up a video camera and make an erotic home movie? You could keep it to yourself to watch together, or you could even upload it to MakeLoveNotPorn, which specialises in real people having real sex.

Conduct your own experiments

Now is not the time for scheduled Thursday night missionary sex. You’ve got nothing if not time right now, so why not push the boat out? Bring in extras - Toys are a fantastic way to enhance your sex life, and there’s dozens of different ones out there to try. There’s toys for him, toys for her, and toys for couples… Everything you could ever want. Dabble in BDSM - You don’t have to go full-on dungeon, but maybe try bringing in a pair of handcuffs, a bit of rope and maybe a blindfold? You can build up the intensity as you gain more confidence. Play out fantasies - Everyone has a little something that really turns them on, so why not share with the class? If you like what your partner has in mind, why not surprise them and make it a reality?

Check in with each other

There’s no getting away from it; lockdown is tough on our mental health. It’s easy to assume that your other half is coping well, when in actual fact, the opposite may be true. Planning for date nights at home is great, but you and your partner aren’t robots, it’s ok to feel things about what’s happening in the world. And bear in mind that they may not be experiencing the same emotions you are. While you don’t have to become their live-in therapist, it can be useful to take a moment to ask each other certain questions: “How was your day today?” “How are you really feeling?” “Is there anything we can do to make you feel better? E.g. turn off the news, do something different, go for a walk, etc.” “How can I support you better?” “Is there any way I can be a better partner for you?” How else are you keeping your relationship live and kicking under lockdown? Looking for something new? Why not dive straight into the adventures of Lady Victoria Howard? Sign up today to experience the best in a new generation of adult literature . We promise you won’t be disappointed.


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