Love in lockdown: How to navigate relationships during isolation

It’s a global pandemic that’s affecting everyone around the world in an extraordinary way. Due to the way coronavirus is spreading across the globe, we are all currently stuck in something of a limbo, between different states of inconvenience, fear, and acceptance of this new normal. 

You might be a resident of Italy or Spain, already adjusting to life in lockdown, or someone in the UK and Australia dealing with empty supermarkets and the thought of self isolation ahead. Almost every nationality in the world is now undertaking extreme forms of social distancing and the prospect of working from home. 

As we look towards China for more upbeat and positive news that the virus is retreating, we can take some reassurance that this won’t be the status quo forever. However, and in the meantime, just exactly how is isolating ourselves at home going to affect our love lives? A blossoming romance or long marriage will be as equally disrupted, so people need to start planning to keep the magic alive during a lockdown!

How to work on a new relationship whilst in self-isolation

Oh for goodness sake! You’ve literally just found the total love of your life on your favourite dating website and now it’s come to an abrupt pause. After two years and twenty three mediocre/awful dates, you’ve just met Mr. Perfect-For-You, but now you can’t even be in the same building, because his sister isn’t well. Social distancing has forced an immediate long distance relationship upon you both, even though he only lives ten minutes away.

What to do?

Talk and talk and talk. This is an excellent chance to really get to know each other on a meaningful level. You’ve got all the time in the world, so get on the phone and ask every question you can think of, and listen intentently to everything they say.

Send a text. Don’t overdo it and become a creepy stalker, but the odd text sent with humour or love will add brightness to anyone’s gloomy day when they are stuck indoors.

Make video dates. Set up regular video dates to give you something to look forward to. They could be every evening or only twice a week but the more you see each other’s facial expressions and hear each other laugh, the more the love will grow.

Just moved in with your partner and now in lockdown?

So you’re still in the throes of domestic bliss when all of a sudden the government has ordered a shutdown and you’re spending slightly more time together than you originally thought. It may be the honeymoon period but you really weren’t planning on being together 24/7, and the habits that you once thought were so sweet, are beginning to irritate.

What to do?

Give each other space. Allow your partner to have some time alone, whether it’s in the bath, out in the garden or whilst cooking dinner - everyone needs a bit of quiet time to themselves now again to collect their thoughts.

Exercise together. It’s so important to exercise whilst cooped up for weeks on end. It’s good for health and reducing stress, and it’s also more enjoyable when someone else is suffering alongside you. Make it fun or push yourselves to the limits depending on your preference - and there are now many good classes online that you can join for inspiration and encouragement.

Keep it exciting. What better position could you possibly be in? You’re still in love and enjoying fantastic sex, you lucky things. You are a million years away from the seven year itch and currently locked up with someone whose clothes you want to take off, on a regular basis. Don’t let the newly found irritating habits spoil the mood! Ignore the socks on the floor and have impetuous sex whenever you feel like it. What a perk to working from home.

How to deal with a long term relationship when confined to your home

Suddenly they’re under your feet all the time and apparently have taken over your favourite room in the house. It’s never been an issue before but now there are more hours to fill they’ve suddenly gained an interest in cooking, cleaning surfaces and generally getting in your way. You thought you’d both got happily used to each other's bad habits and idiosyncrasies, but now, under lockdown, they have been amplified once more. It’s time to rekindle the magic, and you have every opportunity to do so. 


What to do?

Work and have fun together. Don’t let their loitering presence drive you mad, let them join in with whatever you love doing during each day. And if their passion is playing music, for example, then listen more, and maybe take an interest in learning how to play yourself. 

Rekindle the magic. If you’ve both been distracted by work and other demanding areas of life recently, well now you can slow down, just be together and rekindle those magical feelings you used to have. What could be more romantic than that?

Boxsets & gardening. Are you lucky enough to own a garden? Are you up-to-date with your Netflix subscription? If you are fortunate to have both in your life then the weeks ahead really can be calming, rewarding and fun. Start a gripping new drama series or revisit a favourite comedy from the past for hours of distracting television each evening. In the day, blow the cobwebs away outside and destress with some weeding and planting new seeds.



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