Love & relationship advice in 2021

Where do you go in 2021 for great advice on love, lust and relationships? Which agony aunt would you now turn to for help with online dating, or when your marriage turns sour, or if you need some exciting tips for the bedroom?

If you were asking LVH, we would point you immediately in the direction of the LVH Ladies Room, an advice column run by our resident attendant Elle, who always dishes out the best guidance with a knowledgeable and amusing flair.

Whilst we are on the subject of the LVH Ladies Room: Need an answer to any issue related to relationships, sex, dating or love? Elle would love to hear from you today.

Elsewhere in today’s field of sex and relationship experts you will still find the more traditional agony aunts, those with a prominent weekly feature in established magazines and tabloid newspapers. However these wise ‘not so old’ birds now sit alongside the modern type of online advice portals that have emerged more recently.

So do you generally look for an older voice with a more serious detailed reply to your relationship woes? Or does your busy social and sex life require a quick fire response in a non fussy style? There’s a variety of choice and here are five of the best sources to turn to when you are in need of information and encouragement in relation to your love and sex life.

LVH Ladies Room

Our unique and helpful sex and relationship expert Elle is available to receive questions on any issues relating to love, relationships and sex throughout the whole week at LVH Ladies Room. Elle’s column is published on a Thursday and even if she doesn’t cover a subject you are interested in, we promise she will always keep you smiling.

Send your sex and relationship questions to Elle’s email:

LVH will never publish details relating to names, contact emails or locations when responding to questions in the LVH Magazine.

Dear Mariella @ The Observer

Mariella Frostrup is the established agony aunt for The Observer, a UK national newspaper which is published every Sunday. Ms. Frostrup has been present throughout British television and radio for many years and is known for her work within the genres of music, art, current affairs and travel. Mariella is interesting and experienced and can offer words of wisdom on the troubles that everyone faces in everyday life.

Yin & Yang @ Female First

Female First is an exciting online forum for celebrity gossip, lifestyle tips, competitions, and news relating to beauty and fashion. Standing out and being helpful amongst the vibrant content on this platform is the advice page where you can gain immediate access to Female First’s agony aunts: Yin & Yang.
This is a free service that is quick and easy and you don’t have to leave your real name!

Coleen Nolan @ The Mirror

Coleen Nolan first helped bring some cheer into the world by dancing and singing with her sisters in the group The Nolan’s during the 1970s and 80s. In recent years she’s been better known for giving her strong and frank views on life via the Loose Women desk, an opinion panel show that considers news and issues of the day. With that background Coleen is the perfect straight talking agony aunt whose advice on sex, relationships and life can now be found in the pages of The Mirror newspaper.

eharmony Dating Advice

If it’s online dating you need guidance about, where better to head than the website of eharmony? The international dating site provides the specialist eharmony Dating Advice service: no nonsense direct and realistic advice offered by a team of relationship experts. If you have worries about how to begin online dating or are concerned you lack the confidence to find love on the internet, you will find answers to your questions here.

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