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  • May 06, 2020
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Maintaining a healthy and varied sex life isn’t easy at the best of times. But the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown us all into complete uncharted territory. With many working from home or not working at all, you’d think there’d be nothing but time to experiment in the bedroom with your partner. But the truth is that many people are also locked down with kids (expecting to be homeschooled or not), and other unusual stresses and strains that come along with our new way of life. 

But if you want to use this time to strengthen your relationship with your other half, then you’re not alone! Thankfully, the LVH team has put together their guide to having (good) sex in a lockdown.

Can I have sex during a pandemic lockdown?

Ok, let’s get all science-y for a minute here, and talk about whether or not people can have sex during the pandemic. You can find everything you need to know here, but we’ll just do a TLDR summary right here. 

At the moment, there is no pattern suggesting that COVID-19 can be sexually transmitted. However, as it seems to be primarily transmitted through respiratory droplets, that does mean a threat exists when kissing. If either you or your partner has symptoms of the virus, then you should be isolating away from one another and absolutely not engaging in sex. 

Single? Then we’re afraid to say that there’s no mingling to be had. Now is not the time to be having sex with new partners, given our lockdown status and two metre social distancing rules. Instead? Why not dabble in other forms of expressing eroticism like sexting, video calling with the person you’re dating, reading erotica, and masturbation. 

So, long story short, if you’re in a monogamous, long term relationship, and neither of you are showing any symptoms, then you are free to do as you please!

Now that the serious part is over and done with, let’s dive into how to balance a healthy sex life with all the strains that come with lockdown and quaratine.

Timing is everything

If you are accustomed to hearing the pitter patter of tiny (or huge) feet around your house, then you’re going to be used to saving your sexcapades til certain parts of the day. Bedtime, for example. But now, you’re all at home, all day long with one another. That means you’re going to have to get creative with your timing.

A big part depends on how old your little ones are. The older they are, the more likely you’re going to be able to slip in a little quickie here and there, or perhaps a sneaky blowjob while going about your “chores”. But most of the time, under the cover of darkness is going to be your best bet. 

But rather than seeing bedtime as your only window of opportunity, try to look forward to it all day. Think about different ways you can get creative, whether it’s the actual location or the tools you intend to employ. 

Flirt with each other again

Why is that as soon as you enter a relationship, classic flirting is one of the first things to go out of the window? What, do we forget to do it or something? We say bring it back!

Inject a little casual flirtation back into your relationship in any way you can. This could be sending one another a few sexy texts if you’re working in separate rooms, a sensual touch when you brush past one another, or whispering a dirty thought in their ear. Start being more conscious about how you speak to one another, and really try to focus on giving genuine and loving compliments. Talk through your deepest fantasies in exquisite detail, and really focus on the pleasure elements.

We believe that good flirtation is somewhat of a skill, and it’s easy to fall out of practice once life gets in the way. But with a little bit of action and dedication, you can easily pick it back up again. 

Try something new

With the majority of us now having much more free time on our hands, now isn’t the time to stay in the rut of scheduled sex on a Sunday night. Now is the time to really get creative and kinky. 

  • New positions - If you’ve only got one or two positions in your repertoire, then now is the time to push the boat out. When the kids are in bed, the whole house is your playground, so get out there and play standing up, sitting down, lying down… Use your imagination!

  • New toys - If you’ve been hiding a sex toy under your bed, then delve down and dust it off. Literally and figuratively, of course. Many online sex toy retailers are still delivering, so why not splash the cash and invest in a toy or two? There are so many options out there! Toys for penises, vaginas, and toys for all couples. There’s something for everyone and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

  • New thinking - If you haven’t been one for toys, then we’d be surprised if you’d been one for accessories in the bedroom. We’re, of course, talking about dabbling in a little BDSM. It doesn’t take much - in fact you could use scarves as rope and blindfolds - but dip a toe in here and there and before you know it you could be swimming in the world of bondage.

We’re firmly in uncharted territory here, so it’s understandable if you don’t feel like you’ve got your usual mojo. Take the burden off you and your partner and stop expecting so much of yourself. Sex isn’t fun when there’s pressure of any kind, so forget about having to do anything. Go back to basics, and have fun. For us, fun is the most important part of sex. 

Need some bedroom inspiration? Reading romantic and steamy erotica is a good place to start in our opinion. We’re sure Lady Victoria Howard could teach you a thing or two.


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