LVH Ladies Room (4): Her mother was … French!

Known as the font of all knowledge in British high society, Beryl is a Ladies Room attendant in one of London’s elite hotels. For years celebrities, aristocracy, and government advisors have regularly sought Beryl out for gossip and her sage advice … here is the latest installment from LVH Ladies Room:

Lady: Beryl, Beryl, I have some fascinating information about you know who.

Beryl: And what would that be Lady Mary?

Lady: Lady Victoria! Her mother was…wait for it…French!

Beryl: She was indeed.

Lady: Oh, you knew. How did you find out?

Beryl: I met her. Many years ago now, of course. Such a tragic story.

Lady: Yes, it’s quite novelish, isn’t it? But do you know where from in France?

Beryl: Marseille.

Lady: Marseille! Oh dear, that’s not Paris.

Beryl: I think everyone would agree on that.

Lady: Isn’t it a bit…what’s the word…decadent?

Beryl: I couldn’t honestly say, but I think you’ll find that’s a stereotypical view of the city.

Lady: Mummy thinks it goes a long way to explain Lady Victoria’s lifestyle, including her fondness for odd addresses, as she puts it.

Beryl: An interesting interpretation of Frenchness. Your mother does indeed set a great deal of store in having the correct postcode.

Lady: Doesn’t everyone? I mean, imagine living in one that nobody recognises! I’m so glad I live in SW1. Everybody knows what that means.

Beryl: Not everybody, Lady Mary, but I know what you mean. Now, can I help you with anything else?

Lady: Well (she laughs)…could you get me a date with George Shervashidze? You know, the gazillionaire.

Beryl: Him! Let me give you one piece of advice my dear; do not touch him with a bargepole.

Lady: Why on earth not?

Beryl: I’ll tell you another time. However, I see I have a nine o’clock waiting, so it will have to wait.

Lady: You see ladies by appointment now!

Beryl: Only the overseas ladies, and some of our own out of towners. They like to feel it’s ‘By appointment only’…and they can’t just drop in, as you do.

Lady: Couldn’t you cancel them? I’ll pay!

Beryl: Certainly not, young lady. Now, ciao, toodlepip, TTFN etc…

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