LVH Ladies Room (5): The Shervashidze Attraction

As the font of all knowledge in British high society, Beryl is a Ladies Room attendant with her ear to the ground. Well, the Axminster deep pile carpet. For years celebrities, aristocracy, and members of parliament have regularly sought her out for gossip and sage advice … here is the latest installment from LVH Ladies Room:

Beryl: Good afternoon Lady Caroline. Are you taking afternoon tea today?

Lady: Yes, with my mother-in-law.

Beryl: How is the dowager Duchess?

Lady: As deaf as a post, but still eagle-eyed and impossible to please. Which is why speed is of the essence. I wanted to let you know that I paid Lady Isabelle a visit.

Beryl: Oh! I see. And how was your visit?

Lady: Not as informative as Lady Mary and I would have wished. Isabelle always did know how to play her cards close to her chest. It’s a Howard trait, my husband says. But she did confirm that this Wentworth fellow is in some kind of relationship with her granddaughter. Apparently he was Victoria’s husband’s best friend, as well as their accountant. Dear Isabelle downplayed it, but I am certain she is disappointed that yet again, Victoria appears to be ignoring her own people in favour of another commoner.

Beryl: Just as you would be disappointed should Lady Mary follow in Lady Victoria’s footsteps?

Lady: Heavens, Beryl! Please tell me she isn’t.

Beryl: Not that I know of, but I will confess that I was alarmed when she asked me about George Shervashidze. You do know of the man I am referring to?

Lady: I have heard a few unpalatable rumours about him, although I can see the attraction of his bank account. I wonder why Mary is asking about him?

Beryl: I wondered that as well, so I made some enquiries and heard that he wishes to employ Lady Victoria in a professional capacity.

Lady: Is that a double entendre, Beryl?

Beryl: Not at all. He is merely looking for an art curator, I believe. I suspect this may have piqued Lady Mary’s interest in him, but for non-professional reasons.

Lady: Thank you for the warning. She does have…

The conversation is interrupted by a waitress nervously poking her head around the door.

Waitress: I apologise for disturbing you, Your Grace, Beryl…but the dowager Duchess is shouting for her butler and footman.

Lady: (looking annoyed) I’m coming immediately. (Turning to Beryl) The Duke can take the senile old harpy out next time. She hasn’t had a footman since the 1930s.

Beryl: Chin up, Lady Caroline. The afternoon tea service ends very soon.

Lady: The sooner the better. Now, don’t forget to keep me updated about LVH…and my own daughter!

Beryl: LVH? Ah yes, I see. How clever of you, that’s much more discreet.

Lady: Mary’s idea. Young people don’t have the time to say entire words these days!
Yes, yes, I’m coming…

Beryl straightens the hand towels and rearranges the hand creams, then sits down to Google information and update her notes.

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