LVH Ladies Room (6): an affair? with his secretary!

Beryl manages the Ladies Room at one of London’s most select hotels. Prior to this, she worked at Buckingham Palace as a housekeeper, only leaving because, as she told her present employer, “the Palace was just getting too big for my old bones.”

Known far and wide as ‘The Queen’ of London’s Ladies Rooms, celebrities, British aristocracy, and members of assorted international governments seek Beryl out for her sage advice. As Beryl says, “it’s the only counselling service in town where you need only spend a penny.” 

There is little going on in the lives of members of the social elite that Beryl doesn’t know about, and now Beryl is sharing her tête a têtes with you…discreetly of course!

Beryl: Lady Mary! What a surprise to see you again so soon. 

Lady: I just happened to be passing, Beryl, and thought I’d drop in. No need to roll your eyes. 

Beryl: My apologies. I just don’t seem to be able to control them sometimes. 

Lady: Oh dear, I think Mummy has the same problem. Is there a cure?

Beryl: Only complete social isolation and a total media blackout. 

Lady: Does that include Instagram? 

Beryl: Most definitely.

Lady: I’m so glad that I don’t have this affliction then. Anyway, I’m really here about LVH. 

Beryl: What now?

Lady: Did you know that her husband was having an affair? With his secretary! 

Beryl: Really! 

Lady: Beryl! Your eyes are doing that rolling thing again! 

Beryl: Really! And where did you hear this?

Lady: Via the friend of a friend who works with LVH’s neighbour Lois…you know, on the TV. Apparently, Victoria and the secretary had a fight in the road, while the husband lay there dead. Imagine that! 

Beryl: Ah, that takes me back to episodes of Dallas and Dynasty.

Lady: And, and, Lois saw a delivery from Coco de Mer arriving at LVH’s house a few days ago. (Squeals) I just love that shop! Must be from the accountant don’t you think?

Beryl: As far as I know she isn’t seeing anyone else.

Lady: You know what Beryl, I think I’ll just drop by the shop today and see what I can find out.

Beryl: I can’t think of a better use of your time, Lady Mary. 

Lady: Your eyes rolled again! You really must get that seen to. Anyway, I’d better dash…ciao for now! 

Beryl: Hasta la vista and au reservoir…

Mirror Hours is a time travel romance that chronicles the adventures of Lady Victoria Howard in a four-book series.

Book 1 ‘New Beginnings’ is free to read now at:

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