LVH Ladies Room (2): Any updates on the Howard girl?

Beryl manages the Ladies Room at one of London’s most select hotels. Prior to this, she worked at Buckingham Palace as a housekeeper.

Known far and wide as ‘The Queen’ of London’s Ladies Rooms, celebrities local and international, the wives and girlfriends of celebrities, members of the British aristocracy, and connections to assorted governments regularly seek Beryl out for her sage advice and information.

Beryl: What a pleasure to see you Your Grace. Lady Mary did say you dining here this week. How are you?

Lady: I’m very well, thank you, Beryl. You look in good health yourself.

Beryl: Thank you! I can honestly say there’s still plenty of life left in this old girl…touch wood.

Lady: I should hope so, or to whom would we come for information and good counsel. Speaking of which, Lady Mary would like to know if you have any updates about the Howard girl?

Beryl: I did hear she has been visiting her accountant’s office.

Lady: Who’s her accountant and where is his office?

Beryl: Jonathan Wentwoth of Wentworth, Blake & Associates. St Giles Circus.

Lady: St Giles Circus! Goodness, she does have a taste for rather odd addresses. Mary told me that she lives in Primrose Hill. Who lives there, I ask you?

Beryl: Her next-door neighbour is Lois, as in ‘Lunch with Lois’. She’s a very popular television presenter.

Lady: A television presenter! And not even BBC. Standards are slipping, Beryl.

Beryl: They are certainly changing Lady Caroline.

Lady: But apart from visiting the accountant, you know no more?

Beryl: Not at this moment, but do tell Lady Mary that I’ll DM her on Twitter should I have any updates.

Lady: I expect Mary will know what that means; I certainly don’t. Anyway, Beryl, I must rejoin my friends. Thank you as always for the information. You know, it’s been a while since I paid Lady Isabelle a visit. This might be the perfect time to go on a little jaunt to Gloucestershire.

Beryl: That’s a jolly good idea ma’am. If you find out anything of interest, do let me know.

Lady: Oh, of course Beryl. We all know the deal. Well, au revoir and see you soon.

Beryl: Au revoir. Enjoy the rest of your evening.

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