LVH Ladies Room (3): The Duke is enraged!

Our ‘Queen’ Beryl manages the Ladies Room at one of London’s most select hotels. Prior to this, she worked at Buckingham Palace as a housekeeper.

Known far and wide as the Mahatma of London’s Ladies Rooms, celebrities, aristocracy, and government advisors regularly seek Beryl out for her sage advice … here is the latest installment from LVH Ladies Room:

Door swings open aggressively, banging against the doorstop. A clearly irritated woman storms in. 

Beryl: (leaping to her feet) Lady Aurora, whatever is the matter?

Lady: Just tell me Beryl, is it true that she’s screwing her accountant?

Beryl: Of whom are we speaking?

Lady: My bloody sister-in-law, Lady Victoria Howard. James heard some vague rumour at his club, and he’s driving me insane, wanting to know if it’s true. 

Beryl: He couldn’t simply phone her?

Lady: (snorts) And be told to naff off? No, he begged me to visit you instead.

Beryl: I can confirm that it’s true. 

Lady: Your source? 

Beryl: A very reliable one, well placed at a certain riverside establishment.

Lady: (hesitates) Oh no! They’re not going there for their liaisons! How embarrassing for us.

Beryl: That depends on how you look at it. Might it not be worse if they had been seen entering some three-star hotel, or caught in flagrante in the embankment gardens?

Lady: Well, yes, I suppose…when you put it like that.  Oh heavens, James’ blood pressure is going to shoot through the roof when I tell him. 

Beryl: You could always tell him that I didn’t know.

Lady: (snorts) He’ll never believe that! OK, I must go. I’ll try to make sure we’re outside before I tell him. I don’t want him to make a scene in the restaurant.

Beryl: A very good idea. Do come back if you need my further assistance.

Lady: If she continues to behave in this way, I have no doubt we may be seeing each other more frequently. Still, it’s going to cost James rather a lot in shopping, so there’s an upside for me. Here’s my card. Please message me when you have any updates.

Beryl: I will indeed do that Your Grace. I hope the rest of your evening isn’t too explosive. 

Well, the Duke is certainly going to be enraged when he knows about Jonathan! Want to know more about Lady Victoria’s brother James and the siblings’ caustic relationship?

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