LVH Ladies Room Week 2: lockdown woes solved!

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Dear LVH

During the lockdown I met someone on a dating website and we’ve been chatting to each other over video calls for six weeks. He’s gorgeous, funny, interesting and I really want to have sex with him. Last night he asked me to be part of his social bubble so we can meet in the flesh. This would mean excluding my mother from my own bubble. I’m seriously tempted. Am I being fair? A.B. UK

I’ll assume you have seen your mother throughout most of your life, except for during the last few months. If you lived in Australia, she’d probably hardly ever see you anyway, except on video calls. I suggest you act as though you are actually in Australia, video call your mother and invite your new friend round for a skin-on-skin session. If it isn’t as much fun as you anticipated, you can simply burst his bubble and meet up with your mother.

Dear LVH

I’ve been living with my partner for 18 months, but during the lockdown he went off sex completely. I tried being seductive and tempting him into it, but he rejected me. Has lockdown killed our relationship, or is there still hope? C.C. UK

What you both need is some distance and time away from each other. Have you tried putting him in a tent in the garden? Or moving him into the garage? If you’re unable to do either of these, I do hope that you have a vibrator and a good supply of batteries. If he’s not back in the groove by 2021, then it might be time to claim ‘Lockdown killed my relationship’, preferably in a paying publication.

Dear LVH

I love my vibrator and use it frequently. However, my new partner says I’m too addicted to it, and that it is slowing down my ability to have orgasms with him. He wants me to throw it in the bin, but I don’t want to part with it. What should I do? J.H. RoI

One should only dispose of a vibrator when it’s broken. Furthermore, vibrator addiction is a sex myth, and simply doesn’t exist. Yes, if you are more used to having a vibrator orgasm then it can take your body a little longer to adjust to a non-vibrating cock, but do not give in to your partner’s vibrator envy, because that is all it is. If anything needs to be binned, I’d suggest it should be him.

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