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Dear LVH

I’ve been dating a lovely man via video call and WhatsApp messages for about a month. He lives in Melbourne and I live in Sydney so it’s impossible to meet up in person right now. Our chats quickly developed from enjoyable banter into very meaningful conversations, and I honestly can’t wait to get home from work to speak to him every day. However, now he wants virtual sex, and rather than finding it a turn on, I’m completely turned off. I had really hoped this romance was going somewhere, but I just can’t bring myself to take this next step with him. I need some advice! ML, Sydney, Australia

Some people find online sex with a virtual stranger a total buzz – obviously you’re not one of them. Perhaps you should also consider where the real problem lies. You met him online during a mad few months worldwide, and he’s obviously been a good ‘Covid Companion’, but maybe that’s all he is and all he’ll ever be.

Dear LVH

My boyfriend and I are avid Game of Thrones fans! We’ve both read every one of the books by George R.R. Martin, watched every episode of the television series, and we visit every fan event we can get tickets for. I always thought the sexy female characters fascinated him, but last week I caught him watching a Viking themed male porn film on his own. Now I’m worried he might be more #Team Khal Drogo than #Team Daenerys Targaryen if you know what I mean. What do you think I should do? LB, Tunbridge Wells, UK

Goodness, you do live in a fantasy world! Perhaps you both need to get out of it for a bit and discover that sexuality, and sexual tastes can be flexible. Watching one male oriented porn film does not suggest to me that he no longer has the hots for the Dragon Queen (I assume that’s your preferred role), but that he simply found it fulfilling to watch rugged men grappling with each other. If you’re still concerned, I suggest you take him to a rugby match and see if he doesn’t grapple with you after.

Dear LVH

My partner is obsessed with mint flavouring. I even had to buy mint-flavoured lube just to please him. The problem is, I don’t want to give up using lube, but the mint one really stings. What do you suggest? DC, Solihull, UK

I’d tell him that he can have mint tea, he can have mint sweets, mint gum, After Eights, whatever, but your lady bits do not like being turned into a mint-flavoured sweet shop. If he can’t accept ‘plain’ lube, here’s a trick: just as he’s about to go down on you, ask him to open his mouth and give him a quick spray of minty breath freshener.

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