LVH Ladies Room Week 5: How to be sexually confident!

Welcome to LVH Ladies Room. This is your space where you can ask for advice about sex and relationships from our expert - a woman whose idea of store cupboard essentials is lube and batteries. Whatever is on your mind – Ask LVH!

Dear LVH

Where can I learn how to give head? I’ve only tried it once, and I could tell the guy wasn’t enjoying it. I never want to feel that embarrassed, or inadequate again. C.M. Cambridge, UK

You can read articles in LVH Magazine that will give you tips, but, as with playing the piano, it’s really practice that makes perfect. What you need is a live model to help you refine your technique, by giving you helpful pointers. Make it clear they shouldn’t expect anything else, although it would be polite to offer them light refreshments afterwards.

Dear LVH

I’m about to start university, and while I have been sexually active for about 18 months, I have never experienced an orgasm. Every time I feel as if I’m getting there, I just don’t seem to be able to push myself over the edge. It is destroying my self-confidence. Can you help? G.C. Cheltenham, UK

The female orgasm is as slippery as an eel, especially at your young age. My advice is to read Betty Dodson, buy a vibrator and practice giving yourself an orgasm. Once you’ve achieved the Big O solo, you’ll find your confidence returns.

Dear LVH

Recently I had sex for the first time with a lovely guy I started dating just before the lockdown. Obviously, we have only been able to meet again in person recently. The problem is that although we were both really excited about being able to have sex, it wasn’t as wonderful as I imagined it would be. Does this mean we aren’t sexually compatible? K.W. Inverness, Scotland

Oh, don’t worry, this is simply a case of first time sex anticlimax. In fact, don’t expect the earth to move too much until around month two, and the number of times you’ve had sex is in the double figures. It takes time to discover what turns you both on, and at first you’re probably both going through the manoeuvres that worked with previous lovers. Sex is not ‘one size fits all’, so relax and enjoy finding out how you two can make a good fit.

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