Powerful Women Who Yearn To Be Dominated In The Bedroom

The female disposition has changed! We no longer sit around waiting for things to happen. We know what we want, and we want it now! How does this translate into the bedroom? Are matters of sexual arousal so easily reached by the confines of a checklist? Do we systematically tick all the boxes while still anticipating some sort of throw down from our partner along the way?

Every woman seeks a certain level of arousal in their lives. This level of arousal is motivated by a variety of riveting and stimulating activities. For some, it may be leaping out of bed at 5 am every morning and completing a 10km run before slipping into that power suit and addressing an equally intimidating audience. For others, it could be as simple as methodically working through a list of “things to do” before they reach the end of their day or week.

The magnitude of the task has no relevance. It may be laced with pretty pink ribbons, but make no mistake, it reeks of confidence, passion, and unparalleled opportunities. We’re doing it all, and we are doing it our way.

Our varying levels of arousal are highly individual. Some days we may need to jump out of an airplane, and other days, we may just need a bottle of wine, popcorn, and a Sex and the city marathon to take the edge off a long week. Either way, we’re still owning our sense of power and achievement. We’re still in total control.

Let’s talk about SEX!

We’re all after the same thing, aren't we?? HOT SEX! Let's not be coy. Some may like it gentle, sensual, and cutesy. I don’t know about you, but I’m not impartial to a “bend me over the kitchen counter” as I walk through the front door.

The question is, how many of us women are open to impromptu sexual encounters with our partner, or Mr. Right Now? Let’s be honest, a “bend me over the kitchen counter” is not exactly colouring outside the lines, now is it?!

As a single woman, I look after myself. I pay my bills, and for the most part, I answer to no one. There is one area of my life where I wouldn’t mind resigning myself of all responsibilities and handing them over to a far more capable counterpart to fulfill the task at hand. This area I refer to is the bedroom. Call it a fetish, call it a sexual kink - I need someone else to take control. I’m only there to cash in on the benefits. Make no mistake, I’m not suggesting taking the role of a starfish. I might just be looking for the Dom(inant) to my Sub(missive).

Hold the phone!

Ladies, it has been brought to my attention that many women believe that being dominated in the bedroom is eradicating all the hard work of equal rights of the sexes. May we just take a moment to banish all notions that being dominated in the bedroom is in no way opposing our fight for female rights. Our need to meet our sexual desires through submissive sexual encounters is by no means a step back for the feminist movement. The idea of equality, after all, means that women have the same rights and the same desires as men.

Relinquish all power!

We yearn to be dominated in the bedroom but what are we actually doing to get the desired outcome? Herein lies the problem. We’re so focused on controlling the desired outcome of our day to day activities that we don’t know how to let go in the bedroom.

Are we so comfortable being in control that we don’t know how not to be? For many women, this may be the case. We’re not comfortable to hand over the reins to someone else in the fear we may be relinquishing all power. We’re out of our comfort zone.

The truth of the matter is this, ladies. There is nothing sexier and more empowering than relinquishing all control in the bedroom. Allowing ourselves to indulge in our kinks and fantasies without judgment. However, we need a partner who can prove to us that he can dominate us and is worthy of our submission.

Do some men feel intimidated?

For some men, this type of dominance may come naturally. For others, not so much. In all fairness, how are they to know when to turn up the heat? There’s no green light indicating “the jig is up mate, get stuck in”. Women, however, often find that their partners tend to be far too docile. It is believed that our dominance in our everyday lives would lead them to believe that we want to be in control in the bedroom.

Allow me to assist...

Dear men,

We understand that you may have been raised to be respectful of women which would require you to protect us from all that is evil. May I be the one to welcome you into our warm cozy den of iniquity, where we encourage you to exercise your male dominance and guide us through a toe-curling, earth-shaking state of mind.

You’re welcome!


Your Damsel Warrior in distress.

The point I’m trying to make is, it may require a bit of communication from both sides. We need to communicate our desires. You may not be in an entirely loving relationship, but it needs to come from a space of trust and mutual respect. If you can bare yourselves emotionally and sexually, you’re in for a BIG, HOT awakening!

You’ll thank me later!


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