Six of the best dating apps from people who have been there and done that


LVH Magazine is on a mission to take a long, lingering and flirty look at the world of online dating. So where’s a good place to turn our inquisitive and fluttering eyes next?

Well, we decided that a review of the best dating sites and apps from people who have been there, done that and got the t-shirts to prove it, seemed a good place to start.

Please take note: it can be tricky signing up to a new dating site if you don’t know your Bumble from your Plenty of Fish. These plentiful destinations can be somewhat hazardous if their unique services don't match with your particular wishes and needs. When you are solely intent on routing out the future father of your kids, you really don’t want to find yourself being propositioned for a multi-way romp.

The many professional and inventive dating sites available cover the whole spectrum of romance, relationships, sexual appetites, and desires. There’s now a pleasure portal for literally everyone! For gay, straight, sexually fluid and a-sexual; or for those inquisitive about a dangerous liaison never tried before, all the way through to good old-fashioned romancers dreaming of flowers and a chivalrous knight in shining armour.

As you can’t always believe the online hype, we’ve checked in with three LVH subscribers who are serious daters and have had real life experience on these platforms. Collectively, and most helpfully for the LVH Magazine, they’ve experienced websites that cover the full dating spectrum. They’ve had fun times, some disappointments, a few delightful surprises and many a happy ending. Below are their reviews and tips for the best in online dating.

LVH dating apps reviewers:

Sofia, 27 yrs

Sofia fancies swinging a little, and admits a match with a beautiful physique is absolutely key. However finding an intelligent courteous and funny soulmate is the reason why she started and keeps on dating. Sofia has been down, she’s been up, she’s been around, but she’s still smiling with her heart on her sleeve.

Leon, 33 yrs

Leon is a bi-sexual romantic looking for good times with good people, with a long term view for a permenant meaningful connection. He’s getting distracted a lot on his way to paradise.

Moira, 41 yrs

Moira doesn’t mind the dating process at all but she wants to avoid the casual sex enthusiasts. Although she considers herself to be very open-minded, the first time she was offered video sex after simply swiping right, was quite an eye opener.

LVH dating apps reviews: 6 of the best!


Being a lady that doesn’t like to mess around, I have embraced Bumble like an old friend who really wants to help me out. God knows I’ve spent far too much time waiting around for a prospective match to return a message or show some signs of interest. So this is the magic of Bumble, as it’s made for women like me and it’s basically set on a timer! With Bumble, ladies have to message first, and if the match doesn’t message back within 24 hours, then they basically miss out. Possibly not great for those that dilly dally and procrastinate, but hey, find yourself a slower dating app, mate. Sofia.


I’ve found Hinge to be a haven of personality sanity when the ‘all sex hook ups’ start to wear a bit thin. Hinge gives us the option of including far more meaningful details about our lives, our passions and our politics. I’ve found it a more positive and interesting way of finding possible matches. Although I’ve yet to the hit the romantic jackpot, I have come close a couple of times on Hinge, and also gained some entertaining fuck buddies, and one real new friend. Leon.


There was something comforting about signing up with eharmony after a quick flirt with a ‘younger’ website that offered more sex than dating and romance! As the company has been advertising for some years on television it obviously had a familiarity, but I also liked the in-depth questionnaire and personality test that you need to complete to join. As you pay a reasonable fee to appreciate the services of eharmony, most users are serious about looking for, well at least a date. If not something more. Moira.

Plenty of Fish

I signed up to POF quite early on in my journey into online dating. It’s a big global website and apparently has the most users of any on the internet, but I’ve some reservations about how real quite a lot of those users actually are. Don’t get me wrong I had a couple of very entertaining hookups on POF, but I also found myself hanging around a lot, waiting for what looked like promising matches that never came to fruition. Sofia.


This covered all the bases for me. It mainly introduces single professionals who are more serious about finding a romantic match, rather than a quick sexual fling. Although you can definitely find both here, you’re not allowed to troll through profiles and like an endless number of possible matches. With Elite you provide them with personality info and personal details relating to age, occupation and location, and then they send you between three and seven compatible profiles to peruse. If none are suitable, you wait for another batch. As I live in a big city I might have been lucky with the number of ‘good hits’ I made, but in my experience if you are older and wiser and not keen on a casual approach, then Elite is a good choice. Moira.


Tinder is mainly a ‘no-strings-attached’ city, and cuts to the chase pretty quickly without messing around. It’s no nonsense strapline: ‘Match.Chat.Date’ says it all really. And I like Tinder’s ‘to the point’ mentality - when you need to both enter, and can search, via fields that request no frills details for physicality and preferences - it’s just perfect for when I just want a quick hook up and a great time. Tinder’s new video call functionality, although not available in every country or region, is a great feature for encouraging extra safe sex in the days of Covid-19. Leon.


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