The LVH Guide to being positive in the shutdown: Top 10 things to do whilst self isolating

LVH is the absolute champion of self empowerment and positivity - so where else could you find better advice and encouragement to beat the concerns and pitfalls of life during self isolation? Our eclectic group of writers have put their heads together - strictly via Google Hangouts of course - and come up with a list of activities to help keep you calm, occupied and inspired during the shutdown.

So read on for some special LVH guidance on how to stay positive and happy during the weeks ahead.

How to keep healthy and reduce stress in isolation

Exercise & meditation

It’s so important to maintain your health whilst self isolating, it is vital for both your physical and mental well being. Exercise helps to reduce weight and ward off illness, and it also alleviates stress and keeps your spirits up! So if you can’t walk the dog or take a solitary jog, check in online for a daily workout every morning.

Meditation helps you cope and keeps you calm in everyday life - when else would it be more appropriate to take it up than now? Start with an easy ‘how to get started’ course with a friendly website like today.

What therapeutic activities can you do when under lockdown?


You don’t actually need a garden to appreciate the enjoyment and therapeutic benefits of gardening. In fact you don’t even need a window box as there are many inventive ways to grow seeds and unusual ways to pot a plant indoors. But if you have access to a garden, then get out there you lucky thing, and dig, weed and plant your way to a better state of mind!

Cooking & baking

If there is more than one cook in the house, now’s the time to share the kitchen counter and enjoy the calming act of preparing a meal or baking a cake. Or have you previously been a slave to the takeaway and a stranger to home cooking? Well, get on the gourmet bus you food luddite - making a dish with fresh ingredients is not only interesting and therapeutic but it’s far better for your health and wallet too.

How to make the most of your time whilst self isolating


Yes, it’s long overdue and the perfect time to pick up that book list that you’ve been adding to, but avoiding over the last few years. Amongst a whole host of thrillers, true romances and erotica, our pick of the crop is the story of Lady Victoria Howard, because it’s a wonderful combination of all genres. We might be slightly biased, but it’s true.


Are you inspired to write? Have you a book lurking within you that is dying to get out? What better way to utilise your time whilst social distancing than to put pen to paper and let your story see the light of day? If a novel seems too far fetched then start a diary and make a log of this precious time, create a record of these unusual days to pass on to your grandchildren.

Find a new interest

How about learning a new language or taking up art or a musical instrument? Concentrating on something completely new will help to keep you calm, and you never know, you might find that you have a competence or skill that you never knew you had.

How to enjoy yourself during the shutdown

Socialise online

The virtual pub, a cyber party or communal viewing of an online music festival like Rock The Lockdown, only a very short while ago, seemed somewhat futuristic. Now they are not only the new normal but a very uplifting consequence of the coronavirus pandemic. Peruse the internet and see what you can find, be it a cultural event you can sign up to view with others, or download a programme like Zoom or Whatsapp to allow you to socialise with groups of friends and family, all at the same time.

Screen time distractions

Is it just us, or is Netflix everyone’s new best friend during the global shutdown? Even reluctant television viewers will find something within their immense video libraries to watch that will entertain, enthrall or educate; there’s something for everyone. Drama is on demand, comedy is plentiful, documentaries are varied, and if sci-fi or fantasy is your bag, then head for Lost or Game of Thrones for hours upon hours of distraction.

Top 10 thing to do when self isolating:

  • Exercise & meditation
  • Sex
  • Gardening
  • Cooking & baking
  • Reading
  • Socialising online
  • Writing
  • Watching TV box sets
  • Playing video games
  • Spring cleaning and decluttering

If you have any ideas for fun, constructive or interesting things to do whilst in quarantine, then LVH would love to hear from you so please add them in the comments section below. In the meantime stay safe, keep calm and be happy!


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