The LVH Guide to Erotica: Top 10 Best Erotic Apps

In a new series covering the very best of erotica, the writing team at LVH take a close look at literature, art, movies, music and entertainment technology, recommending the finest erotic works in each genre.

It’s now a fact of life that our mobile phones are a permanent feature in our daily lives. These devices are, quite literally, glued to our fingertips or always placed within reaching distance. Do you ever feel annoyed with yourself for not being able to leave your phone alone? Or do you become irritated with your partner for eternally scrolling through their social media?

Well, why not embrace the new norm and utilise this tech obsession, by sharing some sexually charged fun together (or in a group if that’s your thing!) on one of the many brilliant adult apps on the market? After some very entertaining market research by the LVH writing team, the following are considered 10 of the very best!

1.Truth or Dare

The hilarious ‘Truth or Dare’ has exciting play options for couples or larger parties that want to take ‘the truth or the dare’ to more thrilling levels. It allows you to set up filthy challenges for your partner or create erotic gameplay for groups looking for additional fun.

2. Pillow

“Pillow is like Netflix, but for your sex life.” This app presents audio sessions created by industry experts that will guide listening couples to incredible new depths of intimacy and love.

3. ABCs of Boobs

Here’s the ultimate app for the breast enthusiasts in our lives. For those obsessed with all things cleavage and nipples, this is the fountain of all knowledge related to the bosom. What’s the Guinness World Record for largest hooters? Why is the left breast usually larger? Sign up, download and read on to discover some sexy, yet almost entirely useless, facts.

4. Pornhub

Oh come on. We couldn’t not! Pornhub is now so popular it’s practically a household name. The world’s leading pornographic website now offers a free Pornhub app that “lets you stream favourite porn videos in the palm of your hand”!

5. LVH

Serial erotica for women, written by women, and delivered discreetly to the reader via a web app. Ringing any bells? This is modern erotica at its very best - a spellbinding story about a young woman that combines passion and history to create a truly sexy and unforgettable adventure.

6. iMassage U

Apparently there are around 500 apps now available that can turn your mobile phone into a sex toy, but one simple digital product that stands out from the throbbing crowd is iMassage U. This is an easy-to-use app that can make your iPhone vibrate via Apple’s Taptic Engine: a technology that provides tactile sensations.

7. PlanetPron

Welcome to the porn revolution! Known as the digital space where they get Android porn just right! PlanetPron is a mecca for fans of erotca with content that includes endless erotic videos, addictive adult games, and a forum where you can interact with a special showcase of budding models.

8. Kindu

Will Kindu keep you all guessing? This sexually supercharged app will have couples swiping left and right and looking for an erotic match. You have dozens of sex ideas at your fingertips, and if you both give the thumbs up, then it’s full steam ahead. Kindu’s goal is to inspire intimacy but in a fun flirty way. Remember, there’s no way for your partner to know just how kinky you really are… Unless you show them, of course!

9. OhMiBod

Who says you need to be in the same room as your lover to have a good time? This wireless remote app will connect with a wide range of vibrators and enables couples to give pleasure, even if they’re not in the same room. Connect, search for your partner’s username, and then use one of three exciting functions to control their sex toy from afar. LDRs have never been so much fun.

10. 69 Positions

Forget the Kamasutra - this is the ultimate illustrated digital guide to the best sexual positions out there. The app features over 100 erotic entanglements for sex partners to view and reenact, including all the classics and many a new exciting coupling to try.

So what’s our favourite recommendation? Well of course it’s exceedingly erotic and extremely close to home: Sign up today and Victoria’s story can be sent direct to your mobile phone for as little as 0.99 euros per episode.


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