The LVH Guide to Erotica: Top 5 best erotic novels

In a new series covering the very best of erotica, the writing team at LVH take a close look at literature, art, movies, music and entertainment technology, recommending the finest erotic works in each genre.

It’s a subject that is close to the very heart of LVH: the invigorating and intoxicating genre of erotic literature. The very essence of the story of Lady Victoria Howard is a passionate sexual awakening that leads our heroine on a journey full of incredible adventures and thrilling sensual exploits.

So where else should we seek guidance on the topic of erotic novels, but on the doorstep of our very own LVH adult romance reading group. Therefore, for this next article in our new blog series covering all things erotica, we asked the saucy literature circle for their favourite recommendations.

The Sleeping Beauty Quartet by A.N. Roquelaure (Anne Rice)


If BDSM is your bag, then the quartet of The Sleeping Beauty novellas are emphatically your books. This erotic anthology follows the lives of several young aristocrats living in a fantastical kingdom, who are culturally enslaved to ensure political allegiance to the royal crown. During their imposed and extremely violent slavery, they are also able to learn patience and humility, in the apparent pursuance of long term happiness.

Making 50 Shades of Grey look practically tame by comparison, Anne Rice (writing as A.N. Roquelaure) evokes the well known tale of a princess awoken from an enchanted sleep. In Rice’s version however, our Beauty is woken via a sexual initiation session, rather than a romantic kiss.

Each of the four novels is literally stacked with erotica of every nature, from bondage, to group sex, to homosexual roleplay as working ponies. If you’ve ever wondered how The Hunger Games could get any more perverse, then your answer is within these pages. Aside from the erotic content, The Sleeping Beauty is also a brilliant, in depth and captivating story.

  • Claiming of Sleeping Beauty (1983)
  • Beauty’s Punishment (1984)
  • Beauty’s Release (1985)
  • Beauty’s Kingdom (2015)

LVH staff comment: ”If you haven’t read pure erotica before, these books might be a bit on the strong side for you. But if you’re willing to dip your toe, they not only tell an engaging story, they highlight an important aspect of BDSM: that the dominant partner doesn’t necessarily have the most power.”

The Story of O - Pauline Réage (Dominique Aury)


The real life story of its author is as compelling as The Story of O itself, and is well worth investigating. Dominique Aury wrote the book under the pseudonym of Pauline Réage and without doubt created this immense piece of erotic fiction, either for, or inspired by, her dominant and often distracted lover Jean Pauhan.

First published in the late 50’s in both French and English, it was believed inconceivable at the time that this book could have been written by a woman, because it’s contents were so full of erotic intensity. It begins with the shocking sexual domination of O, a New York based female photographer, who is taken to a chateau near Paris by her suitor René, and initiated into a secret sexual society. Our protagonist is expected to wear a corseted dress that exposes her breasts, and a leather collar and cuffs. She is instructed to not look in the eyes of the men she interacts with whilst enduring a long series of degrading sexual activities. O follows every instruction, even welcomes them, and it is apparent her character believes the harsher the treatment she receives, the more she is able to prove her love.

As Pauhan was an ardent admirer of the Marquis de Sade it is not surprising that the narrative is full of erotic intensity, and explicit dominant and submissive sexplay. Likewise, the passionate love that O has for René is palpable and goes some way to explain her complete acquiescence. This is a fascinating and unique book, bursting with erotic intensity, that was unbelievably ahead of it’s time.

The Story of O (1954)

Dominique Aury wrote under the pen names of Anne Desclos and Pauline Réage.

LVH staff comment: ”It’s a bold and completely captivating story that has inspired readers and writers for decades. And no wonder! The sub-dom interplay, and O’s desire to prove her love for René, raise a variety of significant questions about sexuality for the modern woman.

Lady Chatterley's Lover - D.H. Lawrence


Once considered simply pornographic, Lady Chatterley’s Lover remained banned for over thirty years in the UK and America after it’s first private publication in the late 1920s. If you are picking up the book today, and have a strong aversion to swear words beginning in F and C, then put it down and step back. You won’t ever find it a comfortable read.

However if you are a lover of good literature that is heavily embedded with raw emotional sex then read on MacDuff! The novel's first point for applause is that Lady Chatterley’s Lover is written authentically by a man, from a woman’s point of view. There follows a cacophony of hand clapping for the vividly presented main characters, and every captivating note of plotline and dialogue.

This is a frank portrayal of a sexually explicit affair between two people from different classes, the lady from the upper echelons of society, the man, a game keeper from the servile working class. It presents each reader with questions about love, whether true love requires both a physical and mental passion, and if real love can exist without one or the other.

Lady Chatterley's Lover (1928)

LVH staff comment: ”My mother used to say that reading Lawrence was like rolling in muck, and she definitely had this book in mind. But what wonderful ‘muck’ it is. Every woman would like to enjoy Lady Chatterley’s escapades!”

The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice


Surely you’d have to be very dead inside not to find vampires sexy. It’s an unwritten law that human beings must find the presence of a vampire captivating, thrilling and extremely unsettling in a very sexual way. This state of affairs applies whole heartedly to Anne Rice’s Lestat, the vampirical idol of the second book in her Vampire Chronicles that follows the more famous: Interview with the Vampire.

Lestat is a character who has lived many lives through many centuries, including as an aristocrat before the French revolution, and a rock star in the 1980s. He is fierce, charismatic and utterly contradictory, and the tale of The Vampire Lestat is as beguiling as it’s narrator, the vampire Lestat himself.

Anne Rice has filled this work with well researched vampire mythology and includes delightful details pertaining to such skills such as telepathy and pyrokinesis, as well as moments of pure erotic tension. Thus The Vampire Lestat is a passionate, action packed and complex read, with a central character that is beyond mesmerising and totally sexually erotic.

The Vampire Lestat (1985)

LVH staff comment: ”This is not a typical erotic novel, but in Lestat, Anne Rice has created one of the sexiest bad boys to grace several hundred pages of a gripping story. It’s impossible not to fantasise about Lestat, and once he’s hooked you in, you will want to follow him in Rice’s other Vampire stories.”

LVH - (introducing the adventures of Lady Victoria Howard)


One could say that the extraordinary tale of Lady Victoria Howard was inspired by the publication and resulting success of 50 Shades of Grey. It might be partly true, but this erotic novel is so much more than exciting fan fiction and a thrilling big dose of BDSM.

LVH is the most modern of modern day erotic literature; it’s both a fascinating fictional novel spanning an infinite number of years, and an alluring explicit story of a young woman’s sexual awakening. What makes this adult romance different to 50SOG and other books in the erotica genre, is the exciting way that it is serialised and presented to readers via the technology of our new digital world.

Lady Victoria is a well educated and divinely attractive young woman who lives a comfortable life in north London in the current day. Following a tragic accident, and the consequent need to reevaluate her life, she finds herself on a path of sexual awakening, whilst dealing with an unexpected and astonishing hereditary gift.

LVH (2019)

LVH staff comment: ”This is a story that is full of sexy surprises. It’s a sure winner for the reader who is looking for a strong romance story peppered with steamy scenes, as the heroine has sexual encounters with a cast of very colourful characters.”

Feeling a little hot under the collar? Got a new found thirst for erotic novels? Why not dive straight in with the adventures of Lady Victoria Howard? Sign up to LVH today for a truly captivating read. We promise you won’t be disappointed.


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