World leaders: Sexy, sexist & for the sisterhood

LVH is taking a look back at some of the best articles that we’ve featured in LVH Magazine over the years. Here’s one that caught our attention, as it couldn’t be more topical as we wait with bated breath for Donald Trump to concede the recent US election to Joe Biden.

It’s been over a year since this article was published and a few things have changed. Justin isn’t looking quite so clean and shiny, Hassan Ali Khaire was removed from office under dodgy circumstances, and Croatia has since decided that Kolinda was a little too right wing for its taste. But happily most of this gallery of handsome dudes is still in place, and it’s looking more than likely that gentle Joe Biden will soon replace ‘the orange one’.

So let’s revisit …. World leaders: Sexy, sexist & for the sisterhood (first published July 2019)

Honestly, I’m really not a lookist at heart. I don’t actually care at all if our politicians and despots are attractive, just as long as they are intelligent, compassionate and not in the remotest bit despotty. However, I am a lady who perks up slightly when a tall handsome man walks into the political room. I don’t want to come across as shallow … but isn’t Justin Trudeau a bit of a swoon?

Just recently I got to thinking about our world leaders and if there are any others aside from the dreamy Canadian Prime Minister who packs a punch in the attractiveness arena. What other sexy or enigmatic people are there currently heading our nations? They don’t have to have chiselled handsome features; an engaging personality and a twinkling eye can also cause a heart or other body parts to flutter. Turning my appreciative eyes away from Justin and just slightly south to North America, an image of the self-proclaimed pussy grabber in the White House suddenly came to mind.

In the USA stands a man in charge, who, aside from occasional bouts of entertaining humour, offers dreadfully little in the way of attractiveness. Surely it’s completely impossible for President Trump to be a part of any female’s romantic fantasies. Isn’t it? Unless of course you’ve got an unusual fixation with getting your rocks off with someone who is rude and unpleasant. Yet I suppose a few S&M fans amongst us might find him a bit erotic. After all, Stormy Daniels did take time to spank that orange American bottom with a rolled up magazine at one time.

Donald Trump often tells us that he is all for the empowerment of women, in the workplace, and in life generally. There’s not a great deal of evidence to support these assertions, unless of course you count the fact that he’s fast tracked his own daughter Ivanka to stand incompetent shoulder to experienced shoulder with elected world leaders at every possible opportunity. Oh, and on a sexually empowering note, he’s claimed several times that if she wasn’t one of his own offspring, he’d definitely have sex with her. Which is nice.

Far right dictators will be glad Trump has joined the misogynistic fray since he came to office. Leaders of more democratic nations that are not so keen on female reproductive rights, will also be glad he’s there, adding his voice to their cause. Misogyny seems to be on the way up, rather than retreating, in too many countries today, and I would gladly trade a hot body and film star looks for someone who believes a competent woman can be just as good as a competent man in the world of politics.

But I fancy exploring the frivolous side of this topic, to help keep things on a lighter note. Laughter is greatly needed, particularly after pondering the more serious side of things related to the opinions of people in charge in the world today, in relation to sexism.

So is there any chief out there who grabs your fancy as well as your nether regions? Which politician or royal commander would you snog, marry or avoid?

In a RuPaul kind of fashion, the categories are – World leaders: sexy, sexist or for the sisterhood?

Name: Justin Trudeau

Country: Canada

Title: Prime Minister

Justin Pierre James Trudeau: even his name is sexy and French. He is a pro-choice and self-declared feminist who has taken to the charity boxing ring in the past, thus ensuring that people the world over can view his bare torso whilst competing in the most macho of sports. He used to be a French teacher for goodness sake. It’s one huge schoolgirl swoon from me.

Name: Hassan Ali Khaire (Khayre)

Country: Somalia

Title: Prime Minister

Surely one of the guys you want to be friends with first and then want to marry. Hasan Ali Khayre has a dual Somali-Norwegian nationality and degrees from the University of Oslo and the Edinburgh Business School in Scotland. He’s intelligent and good looking and we know he has a heart and is good with children as he’s worked as a primary school teacher and also for the Norwegian Refugee Council. Somalia rejoiced when he was appointed to his role because of his intention to make positive changes in his country. He’s like a young black Sting, although I have no idea if he’s a good singer.

Name: Jacinda Ardern

Country: New Zealand

Title: Prime Minister

Clearly the most marriageable person on the list, and let’s face it, who wouldn’t want this kind, empathetic, hardworking and wise lady to be the mother of their children? If we were all just a little bit more like Jacinda then the world would definitely be a better place. The prime minister of New Zealand is the kind of leader who wants to empower not only women, but every single citizen of her country, no matter what their creed, colour or religion.

Name: Kim Jong-un

Country: North Korea

Title: Supreme Leader, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Phew.

If you like your fellas chunky and fanatical then Kim could be the demagogue for you! Kimmy’s got youth on his side being the second youngest world leader currently in situ, and he’s got cheeks just crying out to be squeezed. If your sexual fantasies include a man in a grey suit and a bleak dystopian future with your romantic dinner, then North Korea here you come! (just be prepared you might not come back).

Name: Emmanuel Macron

Country: France

Title: President

Likes a mature woman: tick. Dirty blonde hair and big blue eyes: tick. French accent: double tick, tick tick. Lives in Paris: tick, tick & tick. He’s French. TICK.
Sorry, I’ve always had a thing for the French.

Name: Nguyễn Xuân Phúc

Country: Vietnam

Title: Prime Minister

It’s his cheeky smile and well-groomed eyebrows that caught my eye whilst researching possible exalted political leaders for this article. But any man who follows the teachings of President Hồ Chí Minh that include being kind, helpful and absolutely loyal, gets my vote for a good person to hang out with. Also, and I really don’t mean to be immature, but his first name 🙂

Name: Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović

Country: Croatia

Title: President

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović caught every hot blooded football fan’s eye, when she appeared holding hands with Emmanuel Macron, after the final of the 2008 World Cup between France and Croatia. Dressed in her country’s national colours of red and white, with her attractive features and blonde hair, Kolinda was the kind of leader that any team would want on their side. Grabar-Kitarović doesn’t believe in true romance for everyone (she very much opposes same-sex marriage), but if you like your leaders a bit populist and fluent in several languages, she’s definitely the girl for you.

Name: Pedro Sánchez

Country: Spain

Title: Prime Minister

Well hello Pedro! When Señor Sánchez Pérez-Castejón came to power in Spain in 2018 there were some ladies that thought … sod the bloody politics, just look at him! Fortunately, the tall dark handsome politician is a socialist who cares for the greater good of all, including women. And he speaks French everyone! He only bloomin speaks French as well.

Name: Vladimir Putin

Country: Russia

Title: President, Prime Minister, Prime Minister, and then President again. He’s basically very in charge.

Often bare chested and seemingly as strong as a bear, Vlad’s the kind of man that sets pulses racing, even if you think he has a tendency to be very mean. Maybe it’s because he used to be an intelligence officer for the KGB, has the air of a James Bond baddie about him, and a penchant for horse riding bareback and topless. Or is it because he’s clearly got something on Donald Trump, and for that he will always be the man with a knowing, almost sexual smirk?


Great Britain & Northern Ireland have just been blessed with a brand new Prime Minister. After three terrible years, Theresa May and her delightful choice in shoes have stepped aside. Her successor will be the scruffy, wild haired, sometimes racist and often guffawing Boris Johnson. He loves women, he’s married a few, lost count of how many children he has, and by all accounts thinks he’s as charming as charm personified. The United Kingdom now has its very own President Trump. Come back David Cameron. All is forgiven. At least you looked good in a suit and tie.

Note to self: Venice, you might be a bit of a lookist after all :{

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